“The Best Little Wheelhouse in Arizona”

Passing through Bisbee, AZ last weekend, I happened to stumble upon this little gem. And according to a quick Google search, it seems I was the last to do so. Nevertheless, if you get to Bisbee, get to the Brothel. There wasn’t much time to burn, as I was only in town doing research. But I’ll definitely be back in a couple weeks for an extended visit.

The shop is appropriately named for it’s original location being adjacent to an old mining town brothel. But don’t expect shaved legs and group rides, the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel is more like a bike museum with a gift shop on the way out. The collection consists of owner Ken Wallace’s vintage bicycles, bicycle parts, bicycle books, and memorabilia. But don’t worry, if you have some cash burning in your spandex, you can still score some bacon bar tape…