Two weeks ago a group of us from the shop crossed the bridge and headed north to Brown County, Indiana. Our second annual weekend getaway to what has become the Mecca of Midwest mountain biking. We arrived at the campsites just in time for a sunset dinner.

John blessed us with his meat-laden chili. And after two bowls and two brews we strapped on the lights for a little night riding. The trails were spectacular and it is always amazes me how fast you ride at night even when not knowing what is around the next turn. We had a dangerously close run in with a skunk, but other than that it was a great way to kick off the weekend.

Waking up Sunday morning to the cool fall air was so refreshing. We passed on another campfire meal and sought true nourishment at the State Park Lodge. Piles of biscuits awaiting gravy and your choice of link or patty sausage – Need I say more. After breakfast we were like a group of giddy school girls as we approached the first trail head. Brown County did not disappoint and delivered wonderful singletrack with more flow than Eminem. My final thoughts on Brown County: Rigid is still rigid.

On a different note, Louisville hosted the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross this past weekend. It is great to see large cycling events like this choosing Louisville as home. This of course was just a warm up for the Masters Worlds and Elite Worlds races to be held here over the next few years. The guys from Bicycle Sport did a great job and the new team kits looked great.

And finally…I’ve been working a little project for Michael. I’m going to call it a monster-crosser. A Surly Karate Monkey built to annihilate any terrain.