I pulled out my arm warmers for the first time yesterday and was almost happy it was cooling off. (ok, I was really happy)  We hadn’t seen each other in nearly ten months and distance had made the heart grow fonder.  So I’m posting this up as a quick review in the event then someone, somewhere, is still on the hunt for the perfect arm warmers. Look no further…

This will only be my second winter with the Ibex wool arm warmers, but they are definitely the best pair I’ve worn to date.  They are made with 83% New Zealand Merino wool with some spandex and nylon thrown in for good measure. Just think, you could be wearing this on your arms:

So here’s my review, buy them.  I can wear them for multiple hours, and as long as I keep up with my bicep curls, there’s not much slipping and a sliding. They are soft enough to wipe your snot on all day long and even machine washable. (Just remember to hang dry with your kit) Steer clear of bargain products on this one, at only $40 they are extremely affordable and will likely last for nearly as long as the sheep from whence they came.