The temperature has really dropped off here in Kentucky. A few days with highs in the upper 20s and it’s time to really put on the layers. Riding in cold weather, (Yes, I know plenty of folks ride in much colder weather and think of 20 as a heat wave), is all about the right gear. One of my favorite and most versatile pieces is my Buff. I picked it up from DirtRag a few years ago.

The snow was particularly wet and I could have really used my rain pants as an extra layer. Luckily these pants have a wonderfully warm flannel lining.

I have been using my brother Tim’s Karate Monkey in winter commuting mode (platform pedals so I can were my warm boots and a clip-on fender) to get back and forth to work since I am without a bike currently. Fret not, I will have a new mountain bike before leaving Louisville on the 27th.

By the way, Dallas has highs around 60 this week. I am really looking forward to riding my bike with fewer layers on. I have been checking out local riding on the Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association‘s website. I can’t wait to get settled and meet up for some rides.