Proof that Santa Claus does exist, I am beginning to receive my Christmas gifts early.  Actually our family tradition does usually end with sitting around the tree talking about the parkas we received 6 wks earlier (from Santa). And this year looks just as promising, even though I don’t need a parka here in Arizona (sorry Matt).  However my advanced gifts do include the most desired and coveted…confirmation emails.

I recently received the green-light from Santa to go ahead and book a couple weeks stay in sunny Portland, Oregon.  In spite of all the cycling paradise has to offer, I’ve decided to spend the majority of my time not sightseeing but learning at the United Bicycle Institute.  So rather than than standing in line at Stumptown, I’ll be standing here instead…

For a couple years I’ve entertained the idea of going to UBI and now the stars are aligning.  I’m registered for the Professional Repair and Shop Operation course and must admit, the confirmation email alone has me more giddy than the thought of a new parka, even if it did look like this

I will be staying at the luxurious Friendly Bicycle Guest House which will provide me the additional ‘cred’ needed to navigate the PDXFIXED scene. It’s located about two blocks from school, perfect unicycle commuting distance, and is cheaper than the Motel 6.

But seriously, the thought of 2 weeks in Portland and all things cycling is enough to make me start packing, not just by bag, but my entire apartment.  So as not elicit to much ‘Portland Envy’ I’ll wrap things up here, but do check back when I give my full review of UBI and the Friendly Bicycle Guest House, complete with photos of my new cycling-specific face tattoos.