1st ride of the new year, Desert Classic Trail at South Mountain Park.

Pros: fun trail, accessible, can be technical at times, but all around good-timer

Cons: TOO MANY PEOPLE, trail runners with blue shirts

Sure I could have heeded those warnings about not setting foot at South Mountain on a weekend.  Maggye and I usually do a Sunday road ride but she was ill so I thought a little trail venture couldn’t hurt.  Big mistake.  Just imagine being at Wal-Mart on Black Friday and everyone’s feeling equally entitled. Only difference, they are all on mountain bikes…or running, or walking their dog, or their children, or on horseback, or on razor scooters.

But seriously, it is good to see people out and enjoying the trails. I’ll be the first to admit I’d rather see a line at the trailhead than out the door at McDonald’s. But a note for the trail runner in the blue shirt, not all riders are as forgiving or hard of hearing as I.  At least wait until we are out of earshot before you let out your bipedal grumbles.