Urban Velo  1/12 Blog#22 Cover Image

While recently filling out the “about me” profile for my new shop job I came upon the classic “hometown” conundrum.  Not that it’s uncommon for someone to ask you where you hail from, but I always seem to fumble for this answer. Well…I’m from Mississippi, but then it was college in South Carolina, and then it was grad school in Kentucky, and then back to South Carolina for my wife to go to school, and then Arizona for grad school Part Deux…and you get the point.

For nearly ten years I’ve been mobile, and when I stop to think about my little hometown back in Ocean Springs, experiences do not seem palpable.  Unsurprisingly, I feel the strongest connection to my ‘old Kentucky home. Most of my friends live in Louisville, everything is local (people, beer, music), and it has a great cycling community. So it only makes since I get excited to see this gem of town getting acknowledged for it’s understated greatness.