For “artisanal” cycling hipsters, the month of February is something akin to Ramadan. And there is no doubt many will make the pilgrimage to Austin, Tx for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. I know Matt is going, and I would  probably be going myself if I were not already spending the two weeks prior in Portland. My fear is that I could easily overdose on cycling trendiness. And with back-to-back trips to Portland and Austin, the likeliness of contracting “city-envy” is increases ten-fold.

While thumbing through my RSS reading this morning I came across the “official” NAHBS promo video, which I would have included here if it were not so….2009. Seriously, the days of assuming all cyclists are cinematographers are over. Building a $10,000 commuter frame–no problem, filming a 4 min promo video–are you out of your mind? Fortunately there are some local Austin folk who still know how to make a “sick edit.”