Saturday was filled with great riding, great food and amazing weather. With highs yesterday in the low 70s it was the perfect time to put in some miles. I started out by meeting James from MadDuck for a ride at Northshore in Grapevine.

The trails there are outstanding – Thanks you DORBA trail stewards! Half way through our second lap James had some bike troubles prohibiting him from finishing the second lap. Luckily he made it back to the car via the park road. After our ride I was starving and headed over to Fuzzy’s Tacos – Currently my favorite restaurant. You should eat there.

I can’t help but think of bmx legend Fuzzy Hall everytime I hear the word Fuzzy. I remember my early-90’s bmx dreams of my backyard one day resembling his.

After lunch (and FatTire) my check in call with Lauren revealed time remaining on the “free-time clock”. Eager to enjoy the weather while it lasted I headed over to Arbor Hills for a few laps. Arbor Hills may be short (2.2mi), but it’s fun and a good workout. Plus it is within riding distance on relatively safe roads from my in-laws’ house.