Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the claims/statements made within this post, and the “perceived” touchiness of those mentioned, Less Two Cars apologizes to those who are clearly the exceptions to the rule…(you know who you are)

It was not too long ago that I was a graduate student at a particular seminary, in a town called Louisville, KY. And during my tenure there I became aware of a few “trends.” Let’s just say the bike racks were always empty, the parking lots were always full, and the students/faculty were always at “less than ideal” body weight. (there are always exceptions, see disclaimer)

There were a few other things you could be sure of as well. In a class of 50 people, there were at least 60 laptops. And not just any laptops, Macbook Pros. Nothing says I may have been home-schooled but I’m still jive than a student, (while wearing a suit and tie), holding a Macbook Pro and drinking Starbucks coffee. And while these MacBooks may not have Adobe Illustrator, you better believe they have Bible Software. And from what I hear, Logos brand is the bees-knees.

(actual screen shot from today, you can’t make this stuff up)

Alright, alright, enough of the venting. What this post is really about is a bicycles repair shop. Though most seminary students and professors do not own bicycles, the people who make their Bible Software evidently do. And not only this, I was gratefully surprised to find Logos Bible Software actually sponsors an employee-run bicycle repair shop — in their office. See full story here…awesome.

(image credit: this guy, my computer screen, and these guys)

Realizing a number of their employees already commute to work, take rides during the day, and assuming they ride for recreation, Logos converted a section of their headquarters into a full-service repair shop. It is encouraging to see a company recognizing and encouraging healthy lifestyles for their employees.