Having spent the past two weeks in Portland with my friend Raphael learning about thread pitches and gear capacities, I’ve started to do a bit of thinking about what the future might hold.  Each night we would be up drinking beer and talking about dream bike builds and more often than not the conversation would end with, “we’re just going to have to build our own frames…”

And this had me thinking about a conversation I had with my friend Richard Prouse a couple years ago. We were hanging out after our friend’s wedding and I was telling him about this bike I was going to build, (build meaning buy a frame and some parts and put them together). Richard was confused, “why not just build the frame as well,” he said.  See Richard shapes custom surfboards in a shed behind his house. So when buoys show an incoming swell, or when he gets an idea in his head, he just goes out back and makes it happen. What a concept.

Now that Maggye and I are transitioning back east of the Mississippi, I’m thinking of enrolling in a welding class at the local community college and starting to save money for a frame jig.  Being a bike mechanic is great but sometimes you don’t want to simply be the fixer of things, you want to be the maker of things.  So when people ask me what I plan on doing with my life, I’ll just start showing them this video.

(video sourced here)