I did it – I found the camera, found the charger, and finally uploaded pictures from our trip to Austin for the handmade bike show. For this post I feel it necessary to clarify that I, Matt, am the author. These images were taken with my small digital camera. These are not the work of this blog’s other regular contributor, Michael, who happens to be an amazing photographer. He was too busy learning bike in Oregon to visit Texas. We saw some awesome bikes, rode some awesome bikes (Cielo Sportif and Cross), and had lots of fun.


Good people – My brother Tim (another great photographer), my wife and daughter, my brother-and-sisters-in-law, and Louisvillians Drew from OnYourLeftCycles, and Ben from Parkside Bike Boutique.

Good food – Crepes and cupcakes from trailers, Brazilian food on the East side, delicious pizza on South Congress and of course, Frank.